Thursday, June 24, 2010

Passing w/o dying

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i did my everyday routines today. i woke up, went to school, had lunch, hipers, went back from school and here i am, sticking my butt on the chair. teachers kept on talking 'bout the attendance. they said last year's attendance was so much better than this year. so what ? i didnt come for 8 classes this year. haha. i missed some important point as i did not come to school. teachers get on their nerves recently, especially mdm saba. she'd not stop mumbling for 30 minutes. but its better hearing her scolding rather than teaching us, seriously. it's my unluckiest day today. i didnt bring my math books today. sir muni asked me to stand up for one period. but luckily, he asked me to sit down 20 minutes later. haha. i havent complete my history and geography. i have to submit it my tomorrow. 2 chapters for history and 14 questions for geography. dammit ! i really wish that i can pass this week w/o dying. hahaha.

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