Friday, June 25, 2010

Sex talking here

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guess what's so interesting 'bout boys ? they're open minded. i dont mean that girls are not open minded. they are, but less. haha. what differenciate a girl and a boy the most ? the way their brain works. human has the same kind of brain. they're the same brand. it's just that the way they make the brain works become the huge difference between girls and boys. boys are more socialise compare to girls. but its really a good thing. they will be more comfortable around people compare to the girls. girls are commonly classified as a shy and quite kinda creature. sometimes, the disadvantages of being this kinda human is, you dont mix with people well. you will often feel like a stranger when you're around everybody who's new to you. however, it may have a positive side btw. people usually judge boys with negative thought. when we're in a specific kind of relationship, you'll surely have this bad thought 'bout your boyfriend. its really hard to admmit but its the truth. you may think that boys think 'bout sex all the time. ahhhh. admmit it darling. compare to the girls, they do think 'bout it. it's not normal if they never ever think 'bout that kinda stuff. we're human and we think like a human okay ? when a group of boy gather together, the most common topic to be discussed is 'bout sex. sometimes, its the only topic that would make them laughing their ass out. but for them, its normal. never will that topic be a stranger to them. now human, thats what we called open minded. as for me, be around this kinda boy is normal. it's even better than being around some stupid ass shaker. hahaha. but there's always a limit for that. never cross the line okay ? so people, accept who we are and what we are. imma human, you're human, he she it is a human. therefore, respect others and others will defiantely respect you. do not judge a book by its cover. gosh. i'll never forget 'bout this idiom that miss wcm taught us. haha. ttfn.


mr_abs said...

yea yea, that's the ultimate truth :D

Beautrice Alex N. said...

yes it is ;D